Moscow thanked the CIA for support of Russian language

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia thanked the Central intelligence Agency for the US support of the Russian language after the Agency announced a set of speaking the language of the employees. A foreign Ministry statement posted on Twitter on Monday, 2 October.

“Thank you CIA for the support and promotion of the Russian language. Why did you hide this for so many years? Ready to help with recommendations and experts”, — stated in the message.

On the set, it was announced on September 29. “Do you speak Russian? A US citizen with higher education? Interested in national security? Your skills are needed here,” said the CIA. On attached to the message the image is an inscription in Russian that reads: “did you Know that you can do as an employee of the CIA linguist? To reveal the truth.”

In July the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo said that Russia has no plans to leave Syria, and will continue to interfere in the Affairs of the United States. Before that, he accused Moscow of trying to undermine democracy in the United States for decades.