Moldovan President invited Russian tourists to the country


RIA Novosti

CHISINAU, September 30. /TASS/. The President of Moldova Igor Dodon invited Russian tourists to the country, where they prepared a lot of interesting tours. On Saturday was discussed during the round table “Open hospitable Moldova”, which was attended by around fifty agencies of the Russian Federation.

“Moldova is a hospitable country with traditions and rich history. Come, you will be pleasantly surprised. The problems faced at the airport, some Russian journalists — these are isolated cases. We already are working on them, so there will be no problems”, — assured the President.

He expressed satisfaction at the arrival of such a large delegation from Russia and promised to provide the project all necessary assistance. The idea of the project belongs to the Russian Embassy in Chisinau. In addition to the administration of the President it was also supported by the government and the tourism sector of Moldova. Within five days the Russians were shown the main attractions of the country, and in different regions, including the Gagauz autonomy and the unrecognized Transnistria.

Tourism potential

Guests were taken to the famous Cricova wine cellars, underground streets, which stretch for dozens of miles where there are restaurants, shops and even a winery. They visited the archaeological complex “Old Orhei”, which bears traces of man from the Paleolithic era and to the Golden Horde, and is considered one of the most picturesque places in the country. In Transnistria, a visit which is scheduled for 1 October, employees of Russian travel agencies will show the Bendery fortress. Under its walls was fought, Alexander Suvorov, Grigory Potemkin, Mikhail Kutuzov and other distinguished Russian generals, it also fought Emelyan Pugachev and Karl Friedrich Hieronymus, Baron von Munchausen, who became the prototype for the famous literary character.

“In the Soviet period the Republic was among the leaders in turnover of tourists. Today Moldova has a European added qualities. This applies to hotel services and restaurant business, she became much more to pay attention to the monuments of history, Orthodoxy, its identity,” said in an interview with TASS the representative of the Russian company “NTK Intourist” Maria Leonova.

Operators forecast that the demand will be weekend tours. However, they have already seen what problems can deliver flight, which Russian aircraft have to do to bypass Ukraine, which increases the cost of the tickets. The Moldovan hotels are also Russians seemed expensive but they were given to understand that a compromise is possible in this regard, Leonov said.