Judges might receive their hospitals and sanatoriums

Judges might receive their hospitals and sanatoriums

The armed forces have developed a bill providing for the establishment of special medical establishments for the employees of the judicial system.

Judges and their family members can receive medical care in special hospitals and sanatoriums. The bill will be discussed at the meeting of the Plenum of the Supreme court on 3 October. Authorization to create such institutions will receive the judicial Department in sun: he deals with the financial support of the work of the courts. If the document is supported by the participants of the meeting, it may be submitted to the state Duma before the end of the year.

The Supreme court plans to expand the powers of the judicial Department, which deals with the financing and organization of the work of the courts in Russia, the agenda of the meeting of the Plenum of the RF armed forces, which will take place on 3 October.

Sudepe will be granted the right to establish institutions of medical care and Spa treatment for judges, their family members, retired judges and workers of devices of courts.

The relevant amendments are proposed to the law “On the judicial Department of the RF armed forces”. The law now provides for the possibility for judges and members of their families with medical care, but sudep not entitled to establish institutions in order to implement the aforementioned authority.

In sudepe with all the “news” explained that the bill is designed “to implement the decisions of the all-Russian Congress of judges”. Work is already under way “to establish a departmental sanatorium and resort infrastructure for the judiciary”. However, the number and period of construction, location and financing of the Department refused to name.