In Madrid warehouse stole 80 guns

In Madrid warehouse stole 80 guns

In Madrid unidentified men robbed a private warehouse of small arms, according to Spanish television channel TeleMadrid, citing sources close to the investigation.

The crime was committed on Sunday morning, October 1. All were kidnapped 80 guns, and money. It is noted that the criminals were interested in the weapon with a telescopic sight.

Police sources told Spanish newspaper ABC that the thieves were “real experts”. The kidnappers turned off the double alarm system and also surveillance camera. They got to the warehouse through the hole done in the next room, and with the help of gas cutting torch opened the safe.

In January 2016, the national Spanish police arrested eight people on suspicion of the robbery of the Armory. According to the source ABC in the police, have been kidnapped and, in particular, a few shotguns, and a variety of ammunition.