Authorities told the Arsenal of Las Vegas arrow and specified number of his victims

In the house of 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, in the evening of 1 October, opened fire on people in Las Vegas found 18 firearms, explosives and thousands of bullets. This was told by the Sheriff of Las Vegas Joseph Lombardo, reports CNN.

In addition, he said the number of dead and injured: 59 people killed and 527 wounded.

According to Lombardo, now police are studying four sites associated with the shooter: his room at Mandalay Bay, where he had been shooting at people and where he committed suicide, the location where took place a concert of country music, which listeners Paddock opened fire, his house in Mesquite, Nevada and another house in the Northern part of the state.

He also noted that the house Paddock was discovered some “electronic device”, the purpose of which is now being installed.

Earlier on Monday, Fox News channel reported that the Paddock shortly before the attack has acquired more than 30 weapons. A significant portion of the guns were purchased in California. Paddock purchase ammunition 308 and 223-caliber, commonly used in rifles AR-10 and AR-15 respectively. The New York Times reported that the number of the Paddock was found 19 pieces of weapons.

On Sunday evening, 64-year-old resident of Las Vegas Stephen Paddock opened fire from automatic weapons by members of the music festival, being on the 32nd floor, in a room at Mandalay Bay, and then killed himself.