An hour of exercise a week lowered the risk of depression

An hour of exercise a week lowered the risk of depression

An hour of moderate physical activity a week reduces the risk of symptoms of clinical depression by 12 percent.

It found an international team of scientists, who for 11 years has collected data on physical activity, mental state and daily habits of nearly 34 thousand Norwegians. While the relationship between moderate physical activity and the prevention of depression failed to establish, on the occurrence of anxiety disorders it is not affected. The article was published in The American journal of Psychiatry.

The number of people suffering from various affective disorders (mental illnesses associated with changes in mood), is growing every year: according to the world health organization, the number of people suffering from depression and anxiety disorders, from 1990 to 2013 increased in two times, and as of 2017 is about 300 million people.The newsInternet users showed the true face of depression

Despite the fact that there are effective methods of treatment (e.g., antidepressants and psychotherapeutic consultations), to alleviate the symptoms of mental disorders associated with mood swings, it is possible only in 35-50% of cases. That is why modern scientists are developing methods for the effective prevention of such disorders, and study the influence of different aspects of everyday life in the appearance of the first symptoms.

It is believed that an effective way of preventing mental disorders related to mood swings, is physical activity. However, the results of all of the currently existing studies are contradictory. Some works point to the benefits of physical activity in the prevention of symptoms of mental disorders, while others point to the low ecological validity of the study, limiting the benefits of such activities to the age group or intensity of stress.