The White house has expressed confidence in the offer of the Kaspersky open source


RIA Novosti

The suggestion of “Kaspersky Lab” to provide the US government the source code of computer programs can not be trusted, told reporters the White house coordinator for cybersecurity, Rob Joyce. His words leads RIA Novosti.

“I heard about it. It is a software product that automatically updates every day,” said Joyce, answering a question of Agency on the sidelines of a cybersecurity conference in Washington. “So that source code that we show today may change tomorrow, and there is no guarantee that you can trust this update”, — he added.

The question is whether the decision to ban the production company final, Joyce said: “the Decision was taken by the Ministry of internal security, there is an appropriate process.”

Previously CEO of Kaspersky Lab Eugene Kaspersky said that the company is ready to provide the source code to the us authorities for study.

On September 19, the U.S. Senate voted to ban the use of products “Kaspersky Lab” of American institutions. The amendment was included in the defense budget for the 2018 fiscal year.

In late June, FBI agents visited at least 10 employees of “Kaspersky Lab” living in the United States. Then in the secret service noted that they have no claims to the employees of the antivirus company and was trying to figure out what information it can pass to Russia.

“Kaspersky lab” has rejected accusations DHS in cyber espionage and aggressive activities in cyberspace.