The sauna was a source of longevity

The sauna was a source of longevity

Scientists from the University of Eastern Finland has found that daily sauna lowers blood pressure by almost 50 percent and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Thus this reduces the likelihood of early death from heart attacks and strokes and prolong life. Article researchers published in the American journal of Hypertension. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

In the long-term study involved 1621 middle-aged man. Blood pressure they had relatively high and was approximately 140 over 90 millimeters of mercury.

Volunteers were divided into several groups: part visited the sauna once a week, the other two or three times, the rest of the subjects — four to seven times. The participants ‘ health was tracked for 22 years.

In the study, hypertension occurred in 15.5 percent of people. Those who went to the sauna twice a week, the risk of Pausania blood pressure decreased by 24 percent. Those who visited the baths more often, the likelihood of hypertension was 46% lower.