The Meteorologist talked about the weather in October

The Meteorologist talked about the weather in October

Significant deviations from the norm this fall is not expected, told the “Russian newspaper” the head of the laboratory of the hydrometeorological center of the Russian Federation Lyudmila Parshina. For example, in the capital is expected of an average October.

Now in Berlin:



758 mm Hg. article

3 m/s

This means that the night temperature in Moscow will be 1-6 degrees, day 6-11°. Cold snap predicted for the second half of the month. The temperature will drop to 1-6 degrees below zero, the thermometer will show no more 4 degrees.

In the South the night temperature in October will be from 5 to 12 degrees. Day to 20 degrees, you can still bask in the sun. Especially that nasty southern autumn do rain. But this October they will be less common.

In the North of European Russia and in the Leningrad and neighboring regions, night temperatures are expected between 0 and 5 degrees. Day an average of 5-10 degrees.

In the Volga region from -1 to +5 degrees at night, the day will warm up to 11 heat. October here is rainy, precipitation is expected to be significantly more than the norm.

In the Urals the night temperature in October of about zero, day 4-9 degrees. Frost is possible to -7 degrees. Although in September in the mountains of the Urals already had temperatures down to -9 degrees.

In the South of Western Siberia day 6 to 12 degrees, while cold snaps here already possible frosts up to -10 degrees and in the afternoon to -5 degrees. About precipitation and less than normal.

In Transbaikalia from -3 to 8 degrees at night, and 4-9 in the afternoon heat. Night frosts of up to -18 degrees for these regions in October are the norm.

Above-normal temperatures in October will be in the North of Siberia. And even in the North of the Russian Far East: Kamchatka, Magadan region, Chukotka.