The government of Moscow region has told about priorities in heating

In the 35 municipalities of the Moscow region has been supplying heat to the objects of the social sphere, heating in houses is served in stages. This was reported on the website of the regional government on Monday, 2 Oct.

“In the suburbs, the heating is switched on before the onset of the regulated terms. On behalf of the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov, the municipal authorities in deciding on the beginning of the heating period is not oriented to formal indicators and on the real needs of residents,” — said the Deputy Chairman of the government of the Moscow region Dmitry Pestov.

As at 2 October start-up of heat on the objects of housing stock took place in 14 municipalities. 100 per cent of homes heated in Metropolitan areas Reutov and Sunrise, specified in the message.

Earlier on Monday, Andrei Vorobyov has ordered to ensure uninterrupted heat supply to social facilities and residential buildings.

The Deputy of Moscow regional Duma Dmitry Golubkov announced that more than half of boilers in the Moscow region have a backup supply of gas.