The government of Catalonia promised to investigate the actions of the Spanish security forces

The authorities of the Autonomous community of Catalonia will create a special Commission to investigate the violent actions of the Spanish police during the referendum on independence for the region. This was stated by the head of Catalonia Carles Putteman, his words reports La Vanguardia.

“The government [Autonomous community] decided to create a special Commission to investigate violations of human rights were committed,” he said at a special press conference.

According to Pokdemon, regional authorities are also demanding the immediate withdrawal of all security forces, which were sent to the region by the Central authorities of Spain in order to prevent the holding of a plebiscite.

According to voting results, more than 90 per cent who took part in it voted for independence of the Autonomous community.

1 October in Catalonia held a referendum in which residents of the region had to answer the question of whether they want to remain part of Spain. The Central government of the Kingdom tried to prevent the holding of a plebiscite. In particular, in Barcelona voted against the police used rubber bullets. In total, the clashes injured 893 referendum and 33 police officers.