The government of Catalonia announced the results of the referendum on independence

For the acquisition of the Catalonia independence from Spain voted 90 percent of the region’s residents who participated in the referendum. As reported by Reuters, said the Catalan government.

The turnout of 2.26 million voters out of 5.34 million residents of the region eligible to participate in the vote, that is, 42.3 per cent.

The vote on the referendum on independence of Catalonia from Spain was held on Sunday, October 1. The Central power of the Kingdom in every possible way tried to prevent holding of the plebiscite. In particular, it was reported that the Spanish police used against those who voted in Barcelona rubber bullets.

According to the latest data of the authorities of Catalonia, the number of victims has reached 844.

The head of the government of Catalonia Carles Putteman said that the Catalans have made their right to sovereignty. He promised that in the next few days the results of the referendum will be passed in the Parliament of Catalonia for decision in accordance with the law on the referendum.