The European Commission commented on the situation with the referendum in Catalonia

The European Commission commented on the situation with the referendum in Catalonia

BRUSSELS, 2 Jun — RIA Novosti, Maria Knyazev. The Commission considers the situation with the past on the eve of Catalonia’s independence referendum an internal matter of Spain, said Commission spokesman, Margaritis Schinas at a briefing on Monday.


Madrid has called illegal referendum in Catalonia and the country’s constitutional court froze its implementation.

However, according to the authorities of the region, the secession of the autonomy from Spain spoke 90% of voters.

In some areas passed seizure of documents, clashed with the police. According to the Ministry of health of Catalonia, as a result of collisions suffered by 893 people. The interior Ministry of Spain said that during the riots affected 33 employees of law enforcement bodies.

“In accordance with the Spanish Constitution, yesterday’s vote in Catalonia was illegal. For the European Commission as the President (Jean-Claude) Juncker has said repeatedly, it is an internal issue of Spain, which must be dealt with in accordance of the constitutional order of Spain,” said Schinas.

He noted that the Commission trusts the leadership of the Prime Minister of Spain “in the management of this complex process, with full respect for the Spanish Constitution and the fundamental rights of citizens.” Shinas said that a telephone conversation between Juncker and the Prime Minister of Spain is scheduled for October 2.

He added that the European Commission calls on the Madrid and Barcelona to dialogue to resolve the issue.

“The Commission believes that now is the time for unity and stability, not fragmentation. We call on all (sides) are now very fast to move from confrontation to dialogue. Violence can never be a tool in politics,” said Schinas.