The Catalan government has started to prepare for secession from Spain

The Catalan government has started to prepare for secession from Spain

For the separation of Catalonia from Spain voted 90% came to polling stations on referendum day, or 2 020 144. This was announced by the representative of the regional government Jordi Turull.


The President of the Generalitat Carles Putteman said that “in this day of hope and suffering” population of Catalonia has earned the right to an independent state — the Republic, reports Reuters. According to him, the government of the region in the coming days will provide the results of the referendum in the Catalan Parliament and he will continue to act according to the law.

Madrid this law and the referendum does not recognize. Earlier, Spain’s constitutional court has called a referendum on secession illegal. On the day of the vote, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, in a televised address ruled out the possibility of the separation of Catalonia.

He accused the separatists of trying to “blackmail the entire nation” and proposed to hold all-party talks on the future of Catalonia.

According to him, Catalans tricked to participate in an illegal vote, and it is a “mockery of democracy”, quotes the BBC. A referendum on self-determination of Catalonia was not, he argued.

The voting was 2.26 million people, or about 42% of the population of the region, has announced the Catalan government. The low turnout was not unexpected, as it was considered that the proponents of the Catalonia part of Spain just do not come to vote. The regional law on a referendum, which Madrid considers it illegal, does not establish turnout. According to the Catalan authorities, the 2,300 polling stations forces of Madrid were closed 319, according to the government of Spain is only 92.

Before the vote, Madrid was sent to Catalonia additional police forces from other regions. Catalan police was subordinated to Madrid. Many places where it was supposed to equip the polling stations were closed, police blocked access to them and tried to confiscate the ballot boxes. In some places, the confrontation escalated into riots, the police had to use rubber batons and bullets against supporters of the separation of Catalonia. According to Catalan officials, in clashes injured 844 people. The interior Ministry of Spain said that injured 12 policemen.