Stole ice cream seven year old boy was detained by police with guns

In Krasnoyarsk, a seven year old boy who stole an ice cream store, came to arrest police with machine guns. On Monday, October 2, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Krasnoyarsk”.

As explained in the publication “the NHS.News”, the incident occurred the evening of 28 September in the supermarket “Good” in the street Metallurgists, 32.

According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the child tried to sneak out from the store ice cream for 12 rubles. The time of the theft hit the lens of cameras, and security guards detained the boy at the cash register. Some time later on place on call arrived and the police with guns.

“Security, two men, clung to him and watched, like a criminal, and he huddled in a corner for her mother,” — said one of the buyers. “And when they came caused by private security, in black uniforms, helmets, rifles, the boy just began to stutter from crying. Well, imagine he is one, and four healthy men: two guards and two policemen,” added another witness.

Let the boy about an hour later when the store arrived, the inspector on Affairs of minors and found out the child’s phone relatives, who were able to pick it up. The boy’s parents eventually held an educational talk.

As the newspaper explained in a press-service of Regardie, employees of private security arrived in a regular outfit, as they had no prior information about the nature of the call. “Assessing on the spot the situation, the outfit was informed of the reasons for the call the duty of the territorial authority of the interior and was expecting the arrival of the inspector on Affairs of minors,” — said the press service.

The head a press-services of a network of supermarkets, Catherine Bernthal noted that store employees worked according to the regulations. “They acted as it should in such cases,” she said.

In July, the Baku resident called the police, saying that in one of supermarkets of the city protection force placed it in a cooler of the store and kept there until he lost consciousness.