Shooting in Las Vegas was the bloodiest in modern U.S. history

Shooting in Las Vegas was the bloodiest in modern U.S. history

In Nevada, where 50 visitors of the music festival were killed and over 400 were wounded, are the least strict laws related to gun ownership.


Moscow. 2 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — Fire on the visitors of country music festival in Las Vegas, which killed 50 people and more than 400 were wounded, was the bloodiest in the modern history of the United States, notes the Associated Press.

According to the Sheriff of Las Vegas Joseph Lombardo, the man who opened fire at the 32nd floor of the hotel, across the road to the complex at Mandalay Bay, was destroyed in his room. The special unit of the police had to use explosives to enter his room. Later, the police Department of Las Vegas issued a press release stating that the shooter was already dead when the premises was raided.

The identity arrow is set is a 64-year-old local resident Stephen Paddock, but the motives for his actions are unknown.

Police believe that the gunman acted alone, but is looking for his intended roommate’s number to 62-year-old Marylou of denli.

According to witnesses, the shooting at the country music festival, which was held for three days and the tickets were completely sold out, started during the performance of singer Jason Aldine. The musician interrupted the song, and the audience fell silent, not knowing what happened. Some of them saw the flash and heard a sound like fireworks. At this time the shooting stopped, but soon began again.