Police in new York suspect in the gang rape of 18-year-old girl

Eighteen-year-old resident of Brooklyn (new York) accused two police officers of rape. Reported by the New York Daily News.

“I was brutally raped. Now I live in shock. When I see police, I panic,” said the victim through his attorney.

According to the publication, the patrol conducted the RAID on suppression of illegal drug trafficking. Officers noticed the car, which was the girl and her two companions. When viewed in a purse police found marijuana and other psychoactive substances.

The officers put the suspect in handcuffs and put her in his car. After that, the officers took the victim to a deserted place, raped her and left on the street. The girl was found by friends who took her to the hospital. Physicians recorded injuries characteristic of rape.

In relation to the patrol conducted an internal investigation, at which time they are removed from service. The guards do not deny that he had sexual contact with the victim, but claim that everything happened with her consent.

22 January 2016, it was reported that in Oklahoma city a former police officer was sentenced to 263 years in prison for committing a series of rapes. 29-year-old Daniel Holtzclaw was convicted of four counts of rape first degree and 14 other episodes. He attacked black women while on patrol.