Medvedev approved the rules for the treatment of a censer and oil lamps

Medvedev approved the rules for the treatment of a censer and oil lamps

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has approved regulations for the prevention of fires on objects of religious purpose, by amending Rules of fire safety in Russia.

“The special regulation in part of fire safety of objects of religious purpose was not” — said the press service of the government.

Medvedev approved the document, in particular, prohibits the storage in the prayer halls of flammable liquids, except those that are designed for the ceremonies. The stock of such fluids may not exceed 5 liters (for areas decorated with non-combustible materials are installed in the marginal rate of 20 liters).

The document stressed that the spilling of combustible liquids in lamps and lamps can only be closed unbreakable containers, and lamps (and other “devices with an open flame”) must be installed so that they could not overturn.

Kindled censer during the divine services can only be supplied on a non-combustible base in a special place decorated with non-combustible materials. The distance from the place of installation kindled censer to spaces and interiors, clothing and other items made from combustible materials must be not less than 0.5 m.

In addition, the regulation prohibits to install the hangers of the parishioners in the immediate vicinity of the lamps.

In the press-service of the government stressed that Medvedev approved the document was agreed with the Interreligious Council of Russia, and its adoption will help to ensure fire safety in the operation of religious facilities of various denominations.