Brought to the pen

Brought to the pen

Why do teachers break the anger at the careless students.

The days when teachers could educate students with rods, long gone. During the Soviet years, this measure has been under a total ban. However, sometimes the teachers go out of himself and forget a simple rule: hitting children is impossible, even if you really want. The tradition of corporal punishment in school is still practiced in several countries in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. In 19 States punish children for disobedience is a legitimate measure. Why Russian teacher gotta take it out on careless students, to understand the portal

The painted boy

A recent case, made public, occurred in St. Petersburg. In the middle of September the teacher took it out on the children during games at recess drew each other “tattoos” with pens and markers. Without thinking, the teacher wrote on the forehead of one of the second graders red pen the word “fool”.

The boy was too shy to talk about what happened to mom, but for him it was done by classmates. Neither the parents nor colleagues had not previously noticed the teacher tendencies.

The teacher herself then said that I could not calm children down and made them some comments before you grab the handle.

Mom painted the boy asked the Prosecutor, after which the school began checking. The case has taken control of Commissioner for the rights of the child Svetlana Agapitova. A teacher got fired for a single flagrant violation, does not comply with pedagogical ethics. But the next day parents of Junior high students have written a collective appeal against the dismissal of the teacher. Has put his signature and mother of the victim of second-graders.

The silence in the classroom

Far more damage than the inscription on his forehead, caused the students in Novosibirsk. A particularly talkative first graders homeroom teacher had sealed her mouth with tape. Curiously, the incident occurred at a language school. A young teacher said that she could not find a contact with children. The alleged tape was lying on her Desk as an educational measure. According to the teacher, she was not used to children violence.

“A tape where did this story? He was lying on my Desk… Not to intimidate or something else to do… has said the phrase: who will make noise — tape her mouth. And all” — Kristina Komogorova.

As in the previous case, girls began to tell her parents about the incident, but they still learned about the incident from their peers, and wrote to the Prosecutor. One of the students from Scotch began an asthmatic attack. A similar method was used by the teacher from Naberezhnye Chelny to force the boy to “stop the spin” — tied him with tape to a chair.

Next time the boy started to fidget and disturb the one doing the teaching, the woman circled around him milovy circle and forbidden to go beyond it. Learning about the incident, the mother of the student immediately went to deal to the Director, and at the same time to the Prosecutor. In the administration of the institution were surprised and refused to believe that a teacher with 15 years of experience would act this way. However, the audit confirmed the information. Director and lecturer in the school reprimanded.

One of the most egregious stories happened a year ago in Zlatoust and even became an occasion to excitation of criminal case. The teacher was accused of extremely uneducational methods of work with children. Thus, in particular, according to parents, she was clutching the baby’s ears, beat first-graders with hands, ruler, notebook and even a chess Board. In addition, children complained of insults and slaps. To maintain discipline in the class the teacher was throwing things on the floor of pupils tore their exercise books, were forced to wash her dirty dishes.