Brother Las Vegas the shooter told about the relative of the killer

The family of the American who was shot by the visitors of the concert of country music in Las Vegas (Nevada), was not aware of his motives. This was the brother of the criminal, Eric Paddock, told The Daily Mail.

“He was a normal guy. Something happened, he fell, or something like that. We know nothing, we are confused,” explained Paddock. According to him, the killer, Stephen Paddock, there was political and religious preferences, he also was an ardent admirer of firearms. Eric, however, admitted that he communicated with his brother is not very close.

Previously controlled by the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) news Agency “Amak” reported that the shooting in Las Vegas allegedly made a “soldier.” “The attack was a response to the call groups to carry out attacks in countries that are leading the fight against IG”, — stated in the publication.

On Sunday evening, 64-year-old resident of Las Vegas Stephen Paddock opened fire from automatic weapons by members of the music festival from my room on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay, and then killed himself. Because of his actions killed 58 people, injured more than 500. In the hotel room where he lived, was found more than a dozen weapons.