Assange has reported the seizure of 700 thousand ballots in Catalonia

Julian Assange

The founder of the site WikiLeaks Julian Assange said that the Spanish security forces seized about 700 thousand ballots and they were not included in the total vote count. About this he wrote on his Twitter, without naming sources.

Assange also said that the violence by the Central government eventually increased the number of supported independence and at the same time reduced the attendance. He referred to the published Pro-independence of Scotland The National survey, conducted before the vote. According to him, was originally going to come to the stations 62 percent of the Catalans, and the ratio of votes for and against independence was 83 to 16 percent.

According to Assange, “there is the hard way.” He stated that he paid tribute, first, to the people of Catalonia, technical specialists and developers who are “showing courage and ability to adapt quickly to circumstances, retained its voting system in the conditions of fierce onslaught,” and, second, the civil society of Catalonia, “turn the anger to the organization.”

Earlier, Assange said that in Catalonia, because of the referendum, the first world Internet war, described the situation there is the largest in the West, the conflict between the people and the authorities since the fall of the Berlin wall.

According to him, due to the fact that the people and government of the region using the network to organize a referendum on independence. In response to “the Spanish intelligence services attack, freeze telecommunications, occupied by the building operators, censorship of hundreds of sites, data transfer protocols”, he said. Assange added that in 2017, using modern methods, from VPN, proxy, “mirrors” and encrypted chat to Internet surveillance, censorship in the network, as well as propaganda using bots.

The vote on the referendum on the independence of Catalonia was held on Sunday, October 1. Madrid tried to prevent the holding of a plebiscite. In particular, it was reported that the Spanish police used against those who voted in Barcelona rubber bullets. As stated by the Catalan government, the number of victims has reached 844.

According to the authorities of the region voted for independence about 90 percent turnout of 2.26 million voters, accounting for 42 percent.

The head of the government of Catalonia Carles Putteman said that his countrymen had achieved their right to sovereignty. He promised that in the next few days the results of the referendum will be transferred to the local Parliament for a “decision-making in accordance with the law on the referendum”.

Assange since June 2012 hiding in the Ecuador Embassy in Britain to avoid extradition to Sweden he was accused of rape and sexual harassment. The guilt, the WikiLeaks founder denies and fears that if extradited to the Swedish authorities in Stockholm will hand him over to the US where he could face the death penalty for publishing classified information.