Things as they are: France prohibits the “photoshop” models

Things as they are: France prohibits the “photoshop” models

Everyone knows that pictures of models are often retouched to make them look either more lean or more rounded in certain parts of the body. They also lengthen the legs to the proportions of a mannequin, smoothing wrinkles and eyes widened.

Starting Sunday, any commercial photography of any model, subjected to a digital process installation in France must be accompanied by a warning similar to what is written on cigarette packs.

“Photographie retouchée” — “Retouched photograph” should be written in such photos.

Violators face a fine — or 37 500 euros, or 30% of the cost of creating the advertisement itself.

The French authorities now consider the falsification of photographs question the health of the population.

Nootmobile plus-size — beauty, love your body, and evil tongues

The new rule is aimed at preventing extreme thinness among models, as well as health problems among those who wanted to look like models, despite the fact that it is physically impossible, as their pictures have been modified using a computer.

“When young people see the supposedly normative, but in fact unrealistic image of the human body, this leads to a negative perception of themselves and the inferiority complex, which in turn may provoke habits harmful to health,” said health Minister Marisol Touraine.

Hatred of fat

France is not the first country applying such measures. This has been done, for example, in Israel.

But the pursuit of thinness is extremely widespread in France.

Tens of thousands in the country suffer from anorexia, and body mass index, which indicates the degree of conformity of weight of the person and his growth, among the French is the lowest in Europe.

French writer Gabriel Dadie writes that in France, people worship chugoshvili, and any signs of fat folds despised.

According to her, she even lost her job at the school after some of her colleagues complained about her excess weight.

Another time, when she tried to get another job, she was shocked when a potential employer told her that “everyone knows” that fat people have low IQ.