The transport Ministry has said it is ready to help with the evacuation of passengers, “VIM-Avia” from Turkey

The transport Ministry ready to ensure the rapid evacuation of tourists from Turkey and other countries. This was reported on the Agency’s website Saturday, 30 September.

During the meeting the operational headquarters, the Deputy Minister Valery Okulov reported the availability of all necessary resources for the return of tourists, “VIM-Avia”.

It is also noted that by the end of the day the troubled airline will perform flights on 22 domestic scheduled and Charter international flights, which carry about three million passengers. In particular, from Antalya to the end of the day will be removed about two thousand tourists in Turkey will remain the order of 1 860 people.

The situation with the flight “VIM-Avia” has escalated over the weekend. On 25 September, the company admitted that it had no funds to continue the work and it ceases to perform Charter flights. Regular flights are still ongoing. The issue with the passenger took control of Rosaviation and Ministry of transport.

The Federal air transport Agency said that the total debt “VIM-Avia” is about 7 billion rubles. A criminal case under article of the criminal code “Fraud”.

The transportation of passengers by scheduled flights “VIM-Avia” will be on October 15.