The police of Catalonia refused to submit to the Spanish authorities

Catalan police have refused to execute the decision of the Supreme court of Spain on the closure of the polling stations for the independence of Catalonia. On Sunday, 1 October, reports El Pais.

As stated in the material of the book is Catalan employees of law enforcement bodies the decision of the court perform Civil guard and national police, aimed to Catalonia by the Spanish government. They have blocked more than 1.5 thousand polling stations, among which was a polling station in the province of Girona, where he was personally vote the President of the Generalitat Catalan Carles Putteman (Carles Puigdemont).

Local media reported that most polling stations turned off the Internet, and the employees of the Spanish police smash the front door with sledgehammers, confiscated the ballot boxes, the power output of the citizens of Catalonia to the territories of the plots and carried out arrests of supporters of independence. Several people chanting, “We will still hold a referendum!”, already managed to get hurt in clashes with law enforcement agencies, reports “Interfax”.

Video: @jcarlos_ortega / Twitter

At the same time, according to the representative of the Catalan government in Barcelona Jordi Turula (Jordi Turull), in the territory of Catalonia are more than 73 percent of polling stations. “Open 73% tables: that is, three-fourths of the provided”, — he said, reports TASS.

The vote on the referendum on the independence of Catalonia started at 10 am Moscow time. Catalan authorities called on residents of the province don’t ignore the vote and to provide a peaceful resistance to any police action to prevent the referendum.

The voting will last till 20:00 local time (21:00 Moscow time).