The Minister of defence of Poland dreamed about the two American divisions

Anthony Macierewicz

The Minister of defence of Poland Anthony Macierewicz stated that for a successful defense in the country should receive a minimum of two divisions of the US armed forces. His words leads edition Wpolytice.

“From the point of view of the success of the defence of Poland from Russian aggression, it is necessary to order more, you have at least two divisions,” he said Macierewicz, recently returned from the USA where, among other things, the question was raised about the deployment of additional American troops.

On 5 July the President of Poland Andrzej Duda expressed the hope that the number of American troops stationed in the country, will be increased. According to him, Warsaw is interested in “strengthening the Eastern flank of the Alliance, which can be realized through the permanent presence” of the allied forces.

As part of operation Atlantic Resolve to strengthen the Eastern flank of NATO to Poland in January of 2017 has arrived the first group of soldiers of the armored brigade of the United States. Only the Pentagon had planned to deploy in Poland 3.5 thousand people, more than 400 units crawler and about 900 — wheeled vehicles, including 87 tanks, 18 self-propelled howitzers and 400 cars.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that he sees the approach of the troops of the North Atlantic Alliance to the borders of the country as a security threat.