The Catalans began to line up in queues at polling stations

On Sunday morning, residents of Catalonia are lining up at polling stations to take part in the referendum on the region’s separation from Spain. It is reported by “Russian service “bi-Bi-si””.

At the entrances to some areas are tractors to block a possible police action. The government of Catalonia claim that the referendum and predict a high turnout.

Polls will open at 9 am local time (10.00 Moscow time), but the organizers were urging people to come early to “protect” polling booths.

The voting will last until 20.00 local time (21.00 Moscow time).

The government of Catalonia in social networks appeal to the residents of the province don’t ignore the vote and to provide a peaceful resistance to any action by the police to prevent the holding of a referendum.

The ballot is only one question: “do You want to Catalonia became an independent state in the form of Republic?”, and two possible answers, Yes or no.

At the same time, Spanish police began to withdraw the first ballot box. It is reported TASS with reference to the publication Periodico. According to her, the material for the plebiscite confiscated in the province of Barcelona. Earlier, police were ordered to withdraw all products related to the vote.

In early September, the Catalan Parliament approved two laws on referendum. First, according to the separatists, has created the legal basis for the plebiscite on independence, and the second to regulate the exit of Catalonia from Spain in the event of victory in the referendum supporters of a break with the Kingdom.

Madrid believes both the law and the referendum illegal. Spanish authorities assured that the referendum will not, however, the Catalan government is confident that a plebiscite will be held.