Started in Russia autumn conscription

Started in Russia autumn conscription

In the Armed forces of Russia has started autumn conscription. According to the decree of the President, the army and other organs will be sent to 134 thousand young people.

In the gathering places of all designed get everyday military uniform. So, the future sailors will be given a black set of clothes, those who go to airborne HQs and blue, the rest of the usual protective coloring.

To the place of service of recruits will deliver rail and road transport. Those who have to serve in the Sakhalin region and the Kamchatka territory, will arrive at the place of deployment by sea or by air, which will involve military and civilian aircraft. In the way young people will be provided with food.

As mentioned earlier, reported by the portal that this autumn’s call the number of citizens departing for military service, for the first time decreased by tens of thousands of people. So, in the fall of 2016 were called to 152 thousand persons as compared to 134 thousand this year.

The defense Ministry explained that the increase in the share of contract servicemen in the rank and file membership.