Police opened fire with rubber bullets on voting in Catalonia

The Spanish newspaper El Periodico reports that the police in Barcelona were forced to use lethal weapons against those wishing to vote in a referendum on separation of Catalonia from Spain.

On the street Sardegna guards opened fire with rubber bullets. Reported from 13 counts.

Simultaneously, the police are trying to prevent a vote on the referendum, which Madrid considers it illegal. Law enforcement officers confiscated ballot boxes and blocking voting stations.

A referendum on secession of Catalonia from Spain began at 10 hours Moscow time Sunday, October 1. Part of the 2300 sites remained closed — they block the police. An hour before the vote, the government of Catalonia said that you can vote on any open area upon presentation of their identity card. The voting will last till 20:00 local time (21:00 Moscow time).

The ballot is only one question: “do You want to Catalonia became an independent state in the form of Republic?” and two possible answers, Yes or no.

Earlier, the authorities of the region said that if the majority of voters will vote for independence, the government of Catalonia will declare independence in the next 48 hours.