In Catalonia the referendum on independence from Spain

In Catalonia the referendum on independence from Spain

In Catalonia, closed those areas voting in the referendum on independence, which during the day did not have time to close the police and the Civil guard.

The vote in Catalonia ended at 20:00 GMT. The regional authorities have promised to soon start the counting of votes, reports Reuters. The representative of the Catalan government Jordi Turull said that doesn’t know when will be able to publish the results of the referendum, since all polling stations are disconnected from the CEC of Spain.

Turull expressed the confidence that the polling stations across Catalonia was visited by several million people.

Spanish police and Civil guard during the day trying to disrupt the referendum, shutting polling stations in different areas of Catalonia. All were closed more than 90 sites. The police often came into conflict with the people who prevented them to go in schools converted into polling stations.

According to the authorities of Catalonia, the police used batons and tear gas — the total number of victims, according to the Department of health, reached by 16:00 GMT 460 people, and by 21:00 GMT — 760.

The interior Ministry of Spain the actions of the police were called and justified response to the actions of supporters of independence. The last tried to build barricades and pelted law enforcement officers with stones.

The government of Catalonia called occurring in “violation of international law” and urged the EU to condemn the actions of Madrid.

Commenting on the events in Spain, the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson has condemned the use of violence, however, stressed that the referendum is illegal because it was not recognized by the Spanish authorities.