Due to the anti-Russian sanctions, Italy has lost 7 billion euros



Italy suffered a loss in the amount of 7 billion euros as a result of sanctions against Russia. About it the newspaper “Izvestiya” told the leader of the party “Northern League” and the candidate for the post of Prime Minister Matteo Salvini.

“In a period of great economic crisis sanctions against Moscow has become a de facto suicide,” he said. According to the politician, many businessmen Italy call him to sanctions if the party will be in government.

“Because, for example, small and medium-sized companies that supply to Russia furniture, were forced to close. Closed and other Italian companies, export-oriented to Russia. This is the reality, provoked by the short-sighted policy of Rome and Brussels,” — said Salvini. He promised the resumption of trade relations with Russia after coming to power. And added that to the rapprochement of EU with Moscow should offer Russia cooperation against global terrorism at the international level.

Earlier, the President of the Italian-Russian chamber of Commerce Rosario Alessandrello said that due to Russia’s kontramarka Italy lost about 12 billion euros of exports.