Coming back to life Spanish station Ghost?

Coming back to life Spanish station Ghost?

Once it was one of the busiest railway stations in Canfranc, on the Spanish-French border. Then the station was abandoned and it quickly began to deteriorate. Now, it seems, at this beautiful place with a rich history has a chance for revival.

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When the decision was made on the construction of the railway station, was developed at the same time large-scale and low-cost project. Bold and modern. The dream architect, is built of glass and concrete: the building of the station, as well as hospital, restaurant and residential accommodation for customs officers from France and Spain.

At that time he was nicknamed “the Titanic among the mountains.”

To give you an idea of scale and size of the station, say that it has 365 Windows, one for each day of the calendar year, as well as hundreds of doors. Platform station — more than 200 metres in length.

The question is how this extravagant architectural creation, located on a high slope in the village with a population of only 500 people actually saw the light of day?

At the turn of the twentieth century the power of Spain and France hatched an ambitious project to open the border crossing in the Pyrenees to increase trade turnover and the influx of tourists.

This was a significant project, involving the construction of bridges and drilling tunnels in the mountains.