Bruce Willis will star in the sixth part of “die hard”

Bruce Willis will star in the sixth part of “die hard”

62-year-old actor, musician, happy father of many children, Walter Bruce Willis in the sixth time to play John McClane, one of the greatest action hero in history.

As writes The Telegraph, in the next Chapter of the franchise for viewers to happen many surprises, partly because the painting is destined to become a prequel and talk about the events that preceded the first movie (1988).

Project involved — for two years — Len Wiseman (“die hard 4.0”, the line “Other world”). Updated: now looking for a young actor who is destined to portray John from new York of the ‘ 70s- COP-the recruit.

As quoted from the edition of Ousmane, “right of caste is of great importance. Because barefoot beginner it will be difficult to repeat the achievement giant” (Flax refers to the first “Nut”, where Maclean skillfully fought with the adversary, even without shoes).

It is assumed that the sixth “Hard” can be a reboot, as is now usual, the franchise, the fifth scene of which, “die hard: a Good day to die” (A Good Day to Die Hard, 2013) was met without much enthusiasm.

The newspaper recalls an interview with Willis, the online Showbiz Spy in 2010, where he said that it was time to fold up shop and sixth part for him personally will be the last. And then let the youth take the rap. Because he was too old for this.