Became known the timing of the decision the fate of “VIM-Avia”

The question of cancellation of the certificate of the operator “VIM-Avia” will be discussed after October 15. About it journalists were told by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, reports TASS

“Until October 15, you must continue flying, and then a decision will be made. This is a point of decision, when we can talk about whether it is possible in principle to continue the activities of the company,” he said on the sidelines of the forum “Science and technology in society” in the Japanese city of Kyoto.

Dvorkovich added that the decision on export of passengers the troubled carrier has already taken, a schedule, and tourists are back home. According to him, 90 percent of all delayed flights affect Turkey also had problems with clients in Spain, Italy, Greece, however, this situation has also affected domestic flights, primarily in the far East.

The Deputy Prime Minister also responded positively to the question of whether to tighten the criteria of financial stability of aviation companies in the framework of the program reserve Fund in the event of bankruptcy and financial problems of the airlines. However, he promised to do everything possible to avoid market disruption.

Earlier, Dvorkovich said that before the end of the year in Russia can be prepared and passed a bill on creation of Fund of insurance of risks of airline passengers.

On 30 September the Ministry of transport has declared its readiness to ensure the early evacuation of tourists from Turkey and other countries. During the meeting the operational headquarters, the Deputy Minister Valery Okulov reported the availability of all necessary resources for the return of passengers “VIM-Avia”.

The situation with the flight “VIM-Avia” has escalated over the weekend. On 25 September, the company admitted that it had no funds to continue the work and it ceases to perform Charter flights. Regular flights are still ongoing. The issue with the passenger took control of Rosaviation and Ministry of transport.

The Federal air transport Agency said that the total debt “VIM-Avia” is about 7 billion rubles. A criminal case under article of the criminal code “Fraud”.