Austria banned the wearing of veils and masks

Austria banned the wearing of veils and masks

The law calls for migrants to adapt to the society of the country.

In Austria on Sunday, October 1 came into force a law prohibiting the wearing the burqa in public places.

The law also applies to people wearing the burqa and the niqab, or other clothing or items that cover the face. In particular, we are talking about a medical mask.

To control the fulfillment of the law is the Ministry of internal Affairs of Austria. Violators of the Ordinance face a fine of EUR 150, and failure to comply with the provisions of law detention and transfer to a police station for clarification, reports TASS.

Clarifies that a law was passed to accommodate migrants, particularly from the Middle East to the Austrian society. Thus, the authorities remind that integration depends on all members of society, and not just from visitors.

We will remind, earlier the German Bundestag also approved a ban on wearing the burqa.