A referendum in defiance of Madrid: in Catalonia it is the day of the vote

A referendum in defiance of Madrid: in Catalonia it is the day of the vote

The leaders of Catalonia insist that prohibited the Central government of Spain in Sunday’s referendum on independence for the region will take place, despite the efforts of the Madrid prevention.

On Sunday morning, the residents of Catalonia began to line up in queues at polling stations, equipped in schools — a few hours before the official start of voting. At the entrances to some areas are tractors to block a possible police action.

The government of Catalonia claim that the referendum and predict a high turnout.

Polls will open at 9 am local time (10.00 Moscow time), but the organizers were urging people to come early to “protect” polling booths, and many people came for a few hours before opening. The voting will last until 20.00 local time (21.00 Moscow time).

The government of Catalonia in social networks appeal to the residents of the province of all ages not to ignore the vote and to provide a peaceful resistance to any police action to prevent the referendum.

Sunday will be “an important day for democracy”, said in an interview with Catalan channel TV3, the Vice-President of the government of Catalonia Oriol Junqueras.

“We overcame a lot of obstacles, nothing can stop us, he added. — If we do not protect their rights, then who will protect them?”.

The ballot is only one question: “do You want to Catalonia became an independent state in the form of Republic?”, and two possible answers, Yes or no.

On the eve of the referendum in Barcelona was a great demonstration of opponents of the vote.

The demonstrators, razmahnulsya Spanish national flags and banners “Catalonia is Spain”, came to the Central square of Barcelona where are located the buildings of the regional government and city hall.

One of the demonstrators burned the Catalan flag, while others tried to rip a banner with the words “More democracy!”, hanging on the city hall building.