Washington was going to limit flights by Russian military aircraft over the United States

Continued: the foreign Ministry responded to Washington’s plans to limit Russian observation flights

American authorities plan to soon announce restrictions on the flights of military aircraft Russia over the United States under Treaty on open skies. In particular, we are talking about Alaska and Hawaii. On Tuesday, September 26, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed representatives of the Pentagon and the state Department.

According to sources in Washington believe that Moscow itself does not comply with the terms of this agreement. In particular, the us authorities claim that Russia is in violation of the Treaty has banned flights of us military aircraft over Kaliningrad region, reports “Interfax”.

Officials stressed that such measures will be reversible.

According to the publication, earlier, Russia accused a number of countries are signatories — the U.S., Canada, Georgia and Turkey — in that they prevent the access of Russian planes in their airspace.