Tinkov has withdrawn lawsuits against bloggers Kemerovo

Tinkov has withdrawn lawsuits against bloggers Kemerovo

MOSCOW, September 26 — RIA Novosti. Banker Oleg Tinkov and “Tinkoff Bank” filed a disclaimer of all excited lawsuits against bloggers Youtube channel Nemagia, told RIA Novosti the representative of the Bank.

In early August, a videoblogger from Kemerovo, Mikhail Pecherskiy and Alex Esculetin on the Youtube channel uploaded a parody and caricature clips, published a video on tin’kove with excerpts from his interview comments of bloggers about the identity of the banker and the “Tinkoff Bank”. In late August, Tinkoff filed a lawsuit in the Moscow Arbitration court in the Central district court of Kemerovo requesting removal of the video and to compensate moral harm for the sum of 500 thousand rubles.

On the eve of the fifth round in an interview with Youtube blogger Amirana Sardarova promised that on Tuesday (26 September) will withdraw all claim to the caves and Pskovites. According to him, we are talking about statements on both administrative and criminal (defamation).

And Oleg, and the Bank has prepared and filed the disclaimer on the brought civil and criminal cases. After this all the proceedings and courts will pricesensitivity “Tinkoff Bank”

The representative of the Central district court of Kemerovo earlier on Tuesday told RIA Novosti that while information about the withdrawal of the suit the court has no any further action on this case will announce at the hearing on 9 October.