Teen accused in attack of the St. Petersburg police officer lost his memory

Inspector of the patrol service Viacheslav Pugachev, who is the victim of the attack during an unsanctioned rally on June 12 in St. Petersburg, said that he had lost his memory. On Tuesday, September 26, the correspondent of “Fontanka” of Dzerzhinsky district court.

As told to the guardian of order during a meeting, he lost his balance after a juvenile defendant struck him “with his right hand, a fist, your upper lip”. “Then looked at the video that I fell into this moment. Then I lost my memory for a second, you know, it happens during a fight,” said the victim.

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In the attack on the police opened a criminal case under article 318 of the criminal code (“violence against a representative of authorities”), defendants thereon were a resident of St. Petersburg Dmitry Myakshin. According to prosecutors, “because of the sudden hatred for the police officer” teen intentionally beat a man during a massive protest against corruption. The young man admits his guilt.

Rallies against corruption, held on 12 June in many cities. In St. Petersburg unauthorized action held on the Champ de Mars. Have been detained more than 500 people, including 73 minors.