Putin invited to the conversation


RIA Novosti

“Because now there is an active work on the budget, we have a lot of time to it back here tonight your opponents, because, as a rule, you act in tandem on these issues. With the Ministry of Finance we are discussing it separately, and then we get together and talk,” said officials head of state.

The Russian economy took the path of the “fairly stable growth”, stated Vladimir Putin, and asked how sustainable these positive indicators, what are the forecasts, internal and external risks.

“Most importantly, what additional measures should be taken in order not only to maintain this trend, but also to ensure that at the turn of 2020, the Russian economy reached rates above the world average”, — he stressed.

“As the President has repeatedly planned with different units of the government so to compare notes in order to understand where there are narrow points, achievements, “plugging”, it is this work, in fact, systematically pursuing,” — explained to journalists the format of the meeting the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov. GDP growth in August was 2.3%, said the head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin.

“He’s a bit dipped below 2% in July, did not look like agriculture in the first place this was due to the weather conditions,” he said.

Inflation fell to 3.1%, which allows to reduce the rate of the Central Bank, and this increases the credit activity in the banking sector. Said. and about the mortgage.

“The last rate was 11%. But just last month went a very serious reduction of interest rates and Sberbank and other major Russian banks. Bet they have dropped below 10%. So I think by year end the actual results will be below 10%. This, in particular, will allow to increase volumes of crediting” — he waits.

Over the past ten years, the availability of acquisition of housing for citizens has increased.

“Now you mention it, people will wait until the end of the year,” Putin smiled. “From the point of view of risk — they are primarily external, remains volatile oil prices may reduce the propensity for risk in global markets, it is necessary to be ready,” said the head of Ministry of economic development.

We talked about agriculture.

“It looks like there will be again a record harvest,” — said the head of state and the Minister confirmed it. “Yes, it all began not very good, but now is the perfect weather conditions to harvest and the yield is higher last year, and the amount of lost crop is also seriously diminished,” he said.