McCain spoke about the doctors to cure cancer

McCain spoke about the doctors to cure cancer

WASHINGTON, September 26 — RIA Novosti. Republican Senator John McCain, who in the summer was diagnosed with cancer, said that he has “a poor prognosis”.

In July, McCain was diagnosed with a glioblastoma — a brain tumor. Since the pronouncement of the diagnosis time, the Senator held courses of treatment.

“They (doctors — ed.) said that it is very serious that the forecast is very, very serious. Some say 3%, some 14% (the probability of recovery — ed.). You know, this is a very weak forecast. I said, “you Know. Let’s do what we can to seek the best doctors we can find, and do everything that in our forces,” McCain said in an interview to the program “60 minutes” on CBS.

McCain, who turned 80 years old, heads to the U.S. Senate Committee on armed forces and is one of the most influential leaders of the Republican party. However, in recent years it has come under fire from some party members, including President Donald trump for refusing to vote for a new law on health insurance (along with McCain for the law refused to vote several Republican senators).

Earlier, the U.S. Congress has failed several attempts of the Republicans to abolish the existing system in the country “Affordable health care” (Obamacare), which trump during the election campaign promised to “repeal and replace”.