Soviet childhood, 1917, the post-Apocalypse Russia in the comics

Soviet childhood, 1917, the post-Apocalypse Russia in the comics

In October, the world will hire a Comedy “Death to Stalin”. The film is based on the graphic novel, in which the authors fantasize about how you could develop a power struggle in the USSR after Stalin’s death in 1953. Russian service Bi-bi-si decided to learn what Russia see the creators of the comics.

At the public Council at the Ministry of culture has promised to pay greater attention to the tape is British Director and screenwriter Armando Iannucci. According to the head of the Council Pavel Pozhigailo, “Death of Stalin” can be part of a campaign “to demonize the Russian history”, running from the West.

The creators of the film state that did not aspire to historical accuracy, but only fantasized on the subject of the events of that time. In the heart of the script — the graphic novel Thierry Robin and Fabien Nuri. This two volume edition is just one of many comics, the plot of which takes place in the historical decorations of the Soviet and Russian reality.

At the request of the Russian service Bi-bi-si in Moscow the seller of the comic shop “Chuk I Gik” Ivan Zaitsev told about other stories, which takes place in the recent past.

“Superman: Red son”

Mark Millar, Kilian Plunkett, Dave Johnson. DC Comics, in Russia — publishing house Azbuka.

If you type in the search “Soviet heroes”, the first link is, of course, will come out Red son.

But it is understood that in this case it is not just banter and some fantasy about what an evil Superman with the hammer and sickle on his chest conquers the world. The Soviet Union is only the background for the identity of Superman.

This is a story about what may cause the desire to create absolute order. The Soviet Union has the reputation of the state, which was absolute order, bureaucracy, everything was controlled. In the comic “Red son” this idea is brought to the absolute.

After Stalin’s death began timelessness. Superman, looking like due to errors and bureaucratic delays, the people are suffering (and he was an ardent patriot, he did not want the people felt the need in something else), takes up the reins of the Soviet Union and hard trying to control everything.

Each country voluntarily joins the Soviet Union in order to have it protected such a strong character. A lot of heroes is on the side of Superman.

Of course, his antagonist is Batman. However, in this universe he is the son of Soviet dissidents who were shot bloody KGB agents. And, of course, Superman then these agents were punished because they exceeded their powers. I will emphasize that here Superman is not drawn completely black — I mean, excuse me — red paint.

All ends well for the Earth as a whole and for the Soviet people too. Superman fulfills its historic mission and passes the reins to people it is still not a man, but what on Earth needs to solve the people themselves.

“The Punisher: mother Russia”

Garth Ennis, Doug Braithwait. Marvel Comics, in Russia — publisher ALDEN Comics.

An example of a comic that the cold war never stops.

The action spy Thriller takes place in an already post-Soviet Russia, but people all the same.

The story of that States change their borders, change the heads, but are those who know how the business works.

The Punisher is one of the most famous characters of the universe Marvel. He is sent to Russia to eliminate the strain of a dangerous virus threatening all of humanity. The Punisher is faced with the antagonist who almost beat him. It’s a harsh General of the Soviet school who is not shy to give a face to a superior, and believes that work should be done by any means.

In the end, when the Punisher fulfills his mission, his opponent admits that the guy is good, should have been born Russian because the Americans do not.