Media: in Abu Dhabi has died the most complete woman in the world

Media: in Abu Dhabi has died the most complete woman in the world

CAIRO, September 25. /TASS/. An Egyptian national, is considered the most complete woman in the world, died in a clinic in Abu Dhabi (UAE). This was reported in the Monday edition of Al-Watan.

Administration medical center, where recently treated a 37-year-old Iman Ahmed Abdel ATI, said that the patient death was caused by dysfunction of internal organs, including acute renal failure.

The woman, who lived in Alexandria, learned in 2016. At that time her weight reached 500 kg. Iman Ahmed Abdel ATI 25 years not leaving the house. Her parents appealed for help to the President when he realized that he no longer able to care for my daughter.

Iman weight at birth was 5 lbs. in a few years she was diagnosed with elefantes — elephant disease caused by a parasite infection, resulting in the child due to hyperplasia of the skin due to lymph congestion occurred edematous lesions of the feet. The disease has led to the fact that, as a child, she could not walk and moved around on all fours. In 11 years, Iman has had a stroke, and she was permanently bedridden. The woman is totally dependent on his relatives, who were fed, clothed, and washed. Every year the weight only increased.

After the story of Iman Ahmed Abdel ATI became known, experts from India offered her assistance. In the spring of 2017, the woman was taken to Mumbai, and after surgery in laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, Iman has managed in two months to lose weight twice. After a few months of successful treatment of the woman was transported to a clinic Abu Dhabi, where she observed a team of 20 doctors. However, to save the woman’s life failed.