Lavrov: Deal on Iran approved by the UN security Council, it cannot be changed


RIA Novosti

The deal on Iran’s nuclear program, approved by the UN Security Council and cannot be changed, said the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“Not only Russia said that the need to save this program. Said that all European countries that participated in the negotiations, and it is say most member countries of the UN. This program has the finished appearance, it is approved by a resolution of the UN Security Council, and open this program is equivalent to undo all the achievements”, — said the Russian Minister at a press conference at the UN.

According to him, if there are any concerns from the United States to Iran, “they need to be addressed in the framework of the formats that are suited for that”.

“And to confuse apples and oranges is probably not very well, especially in such a complicated matter as the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program,” Lavrov stressed.