DVRs: the interior Ministry is preparing an important reform

DVRs: the interior Ministry is preparing an important reform

The interior Ministry has prepared a bill that would facilitate prosecution of offenders, if the violation is shot by an eyewitness on the phone or video recorder.

Now, if the traffic police get the video, which filmed the traffic violations, they must carry out the corresponding inspection: the inspector has to interrogate the person who provided the information to establish data banks alleged offender, to bring him in for a survey to identify additional witnesses, etc.

“Consideration of these claims entails significant time and resource costs of employees of the state traffic Inspectorate”, — notes the website of the Russian Government. The law enforcement officers, authorized to make protocols on administrative offenses is limited to a two-month period.

However, the authorities have prepared a bill that proposes to impose administrative penalties for certain traffic violations without a Protocol: in other words, if a citizen registered on the public Services, will send the video as a motorist does not comply with the Rules, the offender will automatically be given a ticket.

It is known that a government Commission had already approved the bill, and now the document will be considered at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers. If the bill passes further procedure, it is possible that the new rule will take effect before the end of this year.