Merkel’s party received a majority in the elections to the Bundestag

The Alliance of the CDU/CSU led by Chancellor Angela Merkel is leading in the elections to the Bundestag. This is evidenced by data exit polls, which leads TASS.

Merkel’s party gained 32.5% of the votes, second place is occupied by social Democrats- 20 percent (it is noted that this is the worst in the history of the party). Closes the three leaders of the far-right movement “Alternative for Germany”, which received votes 13.5 percent of the electorate. It passes in the Parliament for the first time.

In the Bundestag are also not represented in the previous convocation of the Free democratic party (10.5 percent), black (9.4 percent) and Left party (8.9 percent).

This is the first since 1953, when the Parliament will be submitted to the six parties.

Previously on 24 September it was reported that the turnout is equal to a vote in 2013: 41.1% vs 41.4 per cent (as of 14:00 local time).

Take part in the elections 42 parties. The threshold for representation in Parliament is five percent of the vote.