Hearings in the U.S. Congress with the participation of virus postponed


RIA Novosti

Hearings in the U.S. Congress, which Eugene Kaspersky was supposed to testify, postponed from September 27 to indefinitely, said the head of “Kaspersky Lab” in his microblog in Twitter.

Just what I said that hearings in the U.S. Congress has been indefinitely postponed. — Eugene Kaspersky (@e_kaspersky_ru) 21 September 2017

The Ministry of homeland security (DHS) on 13 September issued a Directive that instructed all government agencies and related companies within three months to start implementing measures to end the use of the software “Kaspersky Lab” because they are, in the opinion of the Department, can be used to damage U.S. national security. In “Kaspersky Lab” in response, assured that the company does not provide any government attempts at cyber espionage or aggressive activities in cyberspace.

Kaspersky was invited to hearings in the U.S. Congress, which was to be held on September 27. According to Kaspersky, he hopes “to publicly respond to the allegations regarding the” if you can “in an expedited manner to get a visa”.