Experts from China recorded earthquake in North Korea and linked it with the explosion

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-UN

Chinese experts have recorded an earthquake of magnitude 3.4 in the North Korean province of Hamgyong. This is with reference to the Chinese seismological centre on Saturday, September 23, reports “Yonhap”.

Local experts said that the epicenter of the tremors is located a few kilometers from the venue of nuclear tests and is at a depth of 0 kilometers, that is, on the surface. This may indicate that the cause of the earthquake was the explosion.

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South Korean seismologists also recorded the earthquake. As reported by Yonhap, its magnitude was about three. Agency sources believe that the aftershocks had a natural cause.

Geophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences also believe that the tremors are not associated with the explosion. “In our centers is given as an earthquake. The American seismological centre gives a depth of 5 kilometers. For man-made events it is too deep,” — said the radio station “Moscow speaking” a Single researcher of the geophysical service of RAS Natalia Melekhina.

September 3, North Korea announced the successful test of a hydrogen bomb. On this day, the South Korean seismologists recorded in the DPRK, earthquake of magnitude 5.6 and said that it might have an artificial origin that speaks about the nuclear tests. About the earthquake that may have been the result of a powerful explosion was reported by the national geological service of the USA.