A rating of Makron rose for the first time in two months

A rating of Makron rose for the first time in two months

MOSCOW, 24 Sep — RIA Novosti. The level of confidence in the French President Emmanuel macron to rise for first time in two months, according to data polling centre Ifop commissioned by the weekly Journal du Dimanche (JDD).

According to the survey, in September, 45% of French people expressed support for the actions of the Macron. This was 5% more than last month. In July and August, the results of similar studies for the Ifop JDD showed a rapid decline in the popularity of the French President: in total, the level of confidence in Macron fell by 24% (10% in July and 14% in August).

The representative of the centre Ifop Frederic Dabi said that the predecessors of Macron, françois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy — in the same periods, on the contrary lost the trust of the population.

“The ratings of Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande dropped in September 2007 and 2012, rating of Makron shows the opposite trend,” concluded Dhabi, stressing that “the September return is usually a difficult period for the Executive branch.”

About what period was the survey and how many people took part in it, the newspaper reported.