Surrounded by the Russian military in Syria militants hit “Calibers”

Continued: Launches “Caliber” of militants in Syria have shown in the video

Submarine “Great Novgorod” the black sea fleet made launches of cruise missiles “Caliber” on terrorist targets in the Syrian province of Idlib. This was reported in the Ministry of defense of Russia, reports “Interfax”.

The aim of the impact have become strongholds, armored vehicles, ammunition depots and militants “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra” (banned in Russia). Clarifies that came under fire by Islamists was surrounded by Russian military police in the area of de-escalation “Idlib”. “Objective monitoring data confirmed the defeat of all the purposes of cruise missiles at terrorists in Syria,” — said the defense Ministry.

Russian security forces to monitor compliance with the ceasefire in Idlib, September 20, was surrounded by large-scale militant attack in the Northern province of Hama (bordering with the southern part of Idlib, which is one of the areas of de-escalation). In the operation to release participated consolidated group of special forces soldiers and military police. Air support was provided by a pair of su-25. As a result of the blockade has injured three commando.

As wrote “Kommersant”, the location information of the Russian and Syrian troops terrorists could obtain from one of the groups claiming to be the moderate opposition. These data, according to the newspaper, could transfer to the American side.

Major offensive of the terrorists in the area of Idlib and Northern Hama was repulsed, a day they lost about 850 people. Also destroyed dozens of vehicles Islamists, including 11 tanks.