Lavrov complained of attempts to make Russia responsible for everything

Sergei Lavrov

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that he does not like the current situation, in which Moscow is responsible for making the solution to all conflicts. This statement he made on Friday, September 22, at a press conference at the UN, reports RIA Novosti.

“You in a heap and Korea, and Iran, and Syria, and Ukraine, and all this is a problem of Russian-American relations. I don’t really like the fact that some politicians in all appoint responsible Russia. That Russia and China should the North Korean problem, Russia needs Syria to do so-and-so. We designate responsible for other crises, even down to the Yemen, to which we have no relationship at all,” said the Minister.

In particular, the Minister said that for effective completion of liquidation of terrorists in Syria should the interaction between the Russian and American military, but the latter is prohibited by the “law of the budgetary appropriations of Congress for the Pentagon”.

“Why? But because these legislators that it is important to resolve conflicts in different parts of the world and fails to develop profitable American business relations with Russia, and to do political signals. Here they made the signal, still live with him”, — quotes “Interfax” the words of Lavrov.

The Minister also added that the negotiations on the Syrian issue will take time, and the crisis in the Arab country he described as complex.

Earlier on September 22, foreign Minister of Syria Walid Muallem has accused Washington of helping a terrorist group “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra” (banned in Russia). This is done, in his opinion, because of dissatisfaction with the United States progress in the negotiations in Astana on the Syrian settlement.